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25 March
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Steve is a Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force and has been serving since 2005. He is originally from California, loves the great outdoors, and reading and writing are his main hobbies. Stephen has been married to his beautiful wife Andrea since April of 2006 and they have two amazing children, Nathan Robert and Dani Michelle.

Stephen has his Bachelors in Early European History and an Associates in Information Systems Technology. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Ancient and Classical History. Communications/IT pays the bills, but history and writing are his passions. He is also what people would call a "dog person", and he spends a great deal of time hiking in the woods with his border collie Dexter. He has also taken up skydiving, drawing fantasy drawings on his new Wacom Intuos tablet, and has been fumbling around with an acoustic guitar noncommittally for over a decade.

Most currently, he is attempting to self-publish RAGE OF NU'THUR, the first medieval fantasy novel in the SONS OF ALDEN series. The novel should be available in 2016.